The Bedford 2020 Compost Tour

Nov 11th 2012
John Jay Homestead, Katonah NY, 10536
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The Bedford 2020 Compost Tour

This event (originally scheduled for Sunday, November 4th) has been rescheduled for Sunday, November 11, 2012. All timing and logistics for the event will remain the same:
Noon to 2 pm: Sign-in, Ticketing & Compost Info Session (at John Jay Homestead in Katonah, NY): interactive compost and leaf mulching displays; tips and information from experienced local composters; a variety of compost bins, tools and accessories; special Compost Tour raffle.

• 1 pm to 4 pm: Tour composting styles at local homes, farms and schools

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Info Center at John Jay Homestead: Noon – 2pm
•Sign-in and pick-up tour ticket/map
•Learn the many benefits of composting
•Touch, smell & feel finished compost
•Talk with experienced local composters
•See a variety of composting bins, tools & accessories

Learn about composting styles at local homes, farms & schools: 1 – 4pm
Drive to and visit your choice of 9 homes, schools and farms, and see how they turn yard and household food waste into valuable compost.
•Meet the composter & ask questions
•See successful composting in action
•Get inspired to start composting!


Martha Stewart’s Farm, Cantitoe Corners - (special ticket required to visit this venue) “Gardening has always been a love of mine, and at my Bedford Farm we follow organic principals in the vegetable and cutting gardens, as well as in the greenhouse. I also maintain a giant compost heap, which turns produce scraps, yard trimmings, and horse manure into valuable fertilizer.” Read More

Armstrong House Education Center - “Here you will see three different compost methods: keeping out the critters, sheet mulching and worms.” Read More

Becker Residence, Village Home - “My husband built our “compost center” using a few 2’ x 4’s and chicken wire. I compost all garden debris and kitchen vegetable matter, and use the glorious results as the foundation for my gardens.” Read More

Mitchell Residence, Village Home - “Here’s what I love about composting: I get loads of free compost, which is fabulous for my garden… It’s totally hassle free - I compost in the let-nature-handle-it style… I love the idea of generating less trash.” Read More

Mount Kisco Childcare Center - “See how composting is incorporated into a seed-to-table food-based curriculum for kids from 18 months to 4th grade Read More

River Hills, Country Home - “We began composting here because it became a hassle and expense to continually haul yard waste from our property. We now use all yard waste on the property, which has vastly improved our soil and greatly reduced our need for imported mulch and garden supplements.” Read More

Sevenoaks, Country Home - “Last year I converted my landscaper to leaf mulching. He gave me the most beautiful leaf mulch for the paths in the veggie garden and for my flower beds. The leaves on the lawn he mulched disappeared like magic, nourishing our grass. He will be here demonstrating leaf mulching on compost day.” Read More

Lockwoods, Farm Property – “We are big on keeping and recycling all garden debris… In the course of a season we, with the help of mother nature, create about 4 yards of compost.” Read More

Mount Kisco Elementary School –  “Learn how our indoor worm composting and our outdoor composting bins are integrated into our garden workshops, the classroom curricula and how the 5th grade is creating a school-wide recycling initiative of compostable materials. Read More

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