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The Community Engagement Guide and appendices are available at Community Engagement Guide Download page.

What is the Energize New York Program?

The Energize New York Program is a community-based energy efficiency program designed to help municipalities spread the word about the benefits of making homes more comfortable and more affordable to operate.

For more about the Energize NY Program,  contact us with "starter town" in the subject line.


Did you know?

  • Most New Yorkers spend 20 to 30% more on heating and cooling their homes than they really need to.

  • Thousands of New York homeowners have taken advantage of energy upgrades to save money and enjoy more comfortable homes in both the summer and winter months.


Does your home have any of these problems?

  • High Energy Bills

  • Mold, Mildew or Musty Odors

  • Cold Floors in Winter

  • Damp Basement

  • Drafty Rooms

  • Dust

  • Moisture on Windows

  • Ice Dams

  • Peeling Paint



What can I do to save?

With a comprehensive home energy upgrade, a family can save hundreds, even thousands, of dollars a year. A home energy upgrade pays for itself out of the fuel savings it produces.


Are you located in the area on this map?

If your town, city or village is located in the area in the Mid-Hudson counties named on this map, you qualify for assistance in bringing the Energize Program to your local community.


How does Energize work?

The Energize Program offers community leaders a toolkit to help spread the word locally from slide shows and handouts to short videos. The Energize Program also helps homeowners understand and access financing options to pay for the upgrades.

  • First, the Energize Program meets with local elected or appointed officials and key volunteer groups to explain the program.

  • Next, the Energize Program works with each community to tailor the toolkit to that location’s specific needs.

The program is free to participating municipalities and funded by the New York State Energy Research Development Authority. After a successful pilot in northern Westchester County with innovative community outreach, the Energize Program is now ready for the roll out to the rest of the Mid-Hudson region.*


For more information about the Energize New York Starter Town Program, contact us with "starter town" in the subject line.

Listen to our Energize Coach Dick Kornbluth on “Does insulation work in the summer?



For more energize New York videos, visit our EnergizeNY Youtube page.

*The Energize Starter Town Program is funded by New York State Energy Research and Development
Authority (NYSERDA) through RFP 2228. The Energize Starter Town program will export the Energize Program, whose pilot within the NWEAC towns has been funded by grants from the Department of Energy (DOE) and NYSERDA, to the rest of the Mid-Hudson’s municipalities. Municipalities that opt into the program receive access to a customizable toolkit that they may adapt to bring their residents information about the state’s Home Performance with Energy Star offerings and the low interest Green Jobs - Green New York finance options available to pay for home energy upgrades. There is no cost to municipalities to join the program or access the Energize Starter Town toolkit. Croton Energy Group Inc (CEG) is the state’s subcontractor for delivering the Energize Starter Town toolkit to the eligible communities throughout the Mid-Hudson region.